Employee Self Service

Employee self-Service

You can save valuable time and resources by empowering employees to enter and review their time and attendance information online using the Employee Self Service (ESS) option in Attendance Enterprise for WEB.

Employees can use ESS from their PC or from a shared kiosk. No client software is required since ESS uses browser based components. Employees can view their schedules, timecards and benefits. They can punch in and out as well as request time off. ESS is available wherever employees have access to the internet—at home, at branch offices, on the road.

You determine what options employees are allowed to perform. Salary employees may simply enter Non-Worked hours, while Hourly employees record punch times.

Options Include:

  • Punch In or Out
  • Credit Non-Worked Hours
  • Request Time Off
  • Review Benefits
  • Review Schedules
  • View and Credit Hours worked to Departments or Projects