ID Punch 7


The ID Punch 7 is an easy to use, low-cost time clock for recording employee In and Out punches and other advanced time and attendance information. With the IDpunch 7, InfoTronics provides an inexpensive time clock framework that is enhanced with tested, proven, and proprietary internal programming. Supervisors can add punches and schedules and credit hours or dollars right at the time clock, addressing everyday issues quickly and efficiently. Punch restrictions can also be used to prevent employees from punching In and Out at unauthorized times. Employees can enter a PIN or wave an inexpensive RFID badge by the time recorder to punch. Function keys provide employee access to departmental transfers, reviewing worked hours and benefit information, entering callback punches and even entering tip information.

Fast Return on Investment
The IDpunch 7 is an Internet-compatible device that is easy to install. Simply plug into a power outlet and Ethernet port. With minimal configuration, the IDpunch 7 communicates immediately with hosted systems such as Attendance on Demand or locally installed systems like Attendance Enterprise 2.0. Industry-leading “HTTP Push” technology sends transactions to the time and attendance system. There is no need to poll the time clock. The IDpunch 7 continues to collect employee transactions even when the network is down, automatically forwarding transactions to the time and attendance system when the connection is re-established.